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With the flagship cockpit from the Official e-sports supplier for Mercedes F1 team, the X1-PRO is the ultimate, flex free platform for you to mount your next championship campaign.

The X1-PRO is designed to provide the ultimate driving experience. It’s extremely rigid construction eliminates flex, ensuring that you receive precise feedback from your steering wheel and pedals. This cockpit is also highly versatile, as it is compatible with almost all wheels and pedals on the market.

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The new X1-PRO sim racing cockpit by Sim-Lab is the ultimate platform for your sim racing experience. With its incredibly rigid structure and total lack of flex, you can expect unparalleled feedback from your steering wheel, haptics and pedals.

Unique wheel mount  and monitor mount design for improved immersion

The screen mount hangs over the steering wheel base location, allowing for the monitor to be placed as close to the back of the steering wheel base as possible, enhancing the feeling of sitting in a real car. Further, the wheelbase mounting means a full width mounting bracket isn’t required – this gives a new scope to the layout of your sim.

X1-PRO Sim Racing Cockpit - steering wheel extension - G-Performance

Adjustable pedal plate

The pedal plate is adjustable for both distance from the driver and you can adjust the plate angle, providing a comfortable and customisable driving position, no matter your size. Additionally, the cockpit features a side mount for accessories such as shifters and handbrakes, allowing you to fully immerse yourself into your racing.

X1-PRO Sim Racing Cockpit - detail floor 2 - G-Performance

Ultra rigid 120x400mm profile

The cockpit is made from extremely rigid 120×40 aluminium profile sections and it’s reinforced for extra strength, so you can be sure that even the strongest force feedback and pedal pressures will be handled without any problem.

Floor sections for improved tidiness

The X1-PRO features a specially designed floor made from 5mm thick powder-coated aluminium. The floor is divided into three sections and extends over the profile sides like wings, providing a smooth and stable surface for both stepping in and out and for the machinery.

The floor is lightweight, extremely rigid, and offers an opportunity to use the space underneath for cable arrangement. Additionally, the floor has a centre slot for mounting the pedal rack, allowing for adjustable positioning without interfering with the floor panels.

X1-PRO Sim Racing Cockpit - detail floor - G-Performance

Compatibility list

The X1-PRO is compatible with Simucube with the included front mount DDU bracket.

To make the X1-PRO cockpit compatible with other wheelbases, we also have a wheel deck available as a separate accessory.

Wheelbase compatibility

Compatibility with every major wheelbase (select the correct mounting option)

The X1-PRO sim racing cockpit is compatible with front mounting wheelbases including SimuCube 2 Sport, Pro and Ultimate, Bodnar 50 series, Fanatec Club Sport Wheels, Lenze MCS12 series, MiGe 130ST (small, big), Simagic Alpha Mini DD and Ultimate and the VRS DirectForce Pro. This means that you can use your existing wheelbase with this cockpit, providing a seamless and customizable racing experience.

The cockpit also supports a wide range of wheel deck mounted wheelbases (*with optional X1-PRO Wheeldeck) including the AccuForce V1 and V2, Fanatec CSL-DD, DD1, DD2, CSW wheel V1/2/2.5, CSL Elite steering wheel, Logitech G25, G27, G29, G920/G923, Thrustmaster T300/TX, T500RS, and Thrustmaster TC-PS, TS-XW. 

Pedal compatibility

The X1-PRO sim racing cockpit is also compatible with a wide range of pedal sets, including Heusinkveld Pro, Sprint, Ultimate, Asetek Invicta, Simtrecs ProPedal GT, Fanatec Clubsport V3, Inverted V3, Fanatec CSL/CSL Elite Pedals LC, Fanatec Elite pedals, Insim Talento, Meca Cup Pedals, Simagic P2000 Pedals, SimWorkx Pro pedals, VRS DirectForce Pro, Thrustmaster T500RS, TX/T300, T-LCM, T3PA, and Logitech G25, G27, G29, G920* (with additional connector bracket).This means that you have a wide variety of options to choose from and can use your existing pedals with the cockpit, providing a seamless and customizable racing experience.

Modular profile system for easy modification

The X1-PRO sim racing cockpit’s modular aluminium profile system makes it easy to attach shifters or handbrakes in any desired position. The cockpit’s clever design allows for modular and versatile customization, making it easy to add accessories to enhance your racing experience.

What’s included?

The X1-PRO sim racing cockpit comes with everything you need to assemble it and get racing.

Included are high-quality Sim-Lab aluminium extrusion profiles that are laser-etched and engraved, heavy-duty brackets that are up to 15mm thick, a single monitor mount that is compatible with 75x75mm and 100x100mm VESA patterns, an overhung Direct-Drive mount with a Display Unit mount, a heavy-duty pedal tray, and extra hardware for mounting pedals, wheel bases, and accessories.

  • Sim-Lab® 120 mm Extender for Direct-Drive motors
  • Cable clips for cable management (10 pcs.)

What options should I buy separately?

If you’re setting up your first rig, contact us to take a look at our wheelbase and wheel bundles, pedals and accessories.

Optional products:

  • X1-PRO wheel deck bracket – makes it possible to use bottom-mounted wheels with the X1-PRO cockpit.
  • X1-PRO Side mount – mount your gear on the X1-PRO side mount with this accessory.
  • X1-PRO Side table – solves all practical problems. It’s big so plenty of space for drinks and cookies while racing. The length is 1100 mm and the usable width is 270 mm.
X1-PRO Side table

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Frequently asked Questions

Q: How is the X1-Pro assembled?
A: Wit the supplied (Simlab branded) M8 screws with custom made washers of black lacquered aluminium.

Q: What tools will I need for assembly?
A: A set of 3/4/5/6MM allen keys and a set of 8/10/24MM spanners

Q: Are slot nuts included?
A: Yes all assembly parts are included in the packaging

Q: I’d like this in a different colour
A: SimLab only produce the X1 PRO in black

Q: I own a P1-X, can I update it to an X1 PRO?
A: Yes there is an upgrade kit available

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