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Experience the Simagic Alpha Mini and the exceptional FX Pro Formula wheel – The new frontier in sim racing. The Alpha Mini’s smooth servo motor provides a superior Direct Drive experience, making it a top contender for your first Direct Drive wheelbase. The setup is effortless, the quick release system robust and convenient, and the force feedback (FFB) takes precision and fidelity to the next level. The carbon fiber construction of the FX Pro steering wheel ensures durability and a lightweight design, coupled with a stiff, flex free experience to make sure you get the best possible sense of immersion through the wheel.

Welcome to the new age of Direct Drive systems with the Alpha Mini and FX Pro combo. Providing unparalleled precision and driver engagement, this 10Nm wheelbase and sim racing wheel redefines immersive racing.

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Simagic Alpha Mini: Unbeatable Performance

Powered by a cutting-edge 200 MHz CPU and 10Nm of torque, the Alpha Mini uses custom 5-pole servo motors to deliver an exceptional Direct Drive experience with a response time of 1ms and near-zero latency.

The 262,144 ppr encoder resolution and 40Khz response rate, along with a third-generation filter with optimized algorithms, set a new standard in force feedback.

Wheelbase Design and Craftsmanship:

Featuring a full metal construction with a CNC machined aluminum body polished with sandblasting and oxidation processes, the Alpha Mini’s sleek black exterior perfectly matches its outstanding performance.

Software: Meet SimPro Manager

Whether you’re just starting or a seasoned racer, SimPro Manager ensures optimal performance. Benefit from pre-set settings for easy plug-and-play driving or explore your force feedback options.

Wireless Innovation:

The Alpha Mini includes proprietary wireless power supply technology for a streamlined, clutter-free sim racing experience.

Alpha Mini Technical Specifications:

  • Motor Type: Custom 5-pole servo motor
  • Maximum Torque: 10Nm
  • Wireless Power Supply Tech: Included
  • 3rd Filter: Included
  • Encoder Resolution: 262,144 ppr
  • Processor Frequency: 200 MHz
  • Response Rate: 40 Khz
  • Building Materials: Aluminum Alloy, Carbon Fiber
  • Dimensions: 259.5mm x 110mm x 91.92mm
  • Net Weight: 6.35kg

Alpha Mini: What’s in the Box?

  • Alpha Mini Direct Drive Wheelbase
  • Warranty Card
  • Installation Kit
  • PSU
  • USB Cable

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Simagic FX Pro Formula Steering Wheel: Unleash Your Racing Potential

Welcome to a new era of sim racing with the FX Pro Formula Steering Wheel. This unique wheel, co-engineered by renowned formula racers and expert engineers, stands out in the crowd with its 290mm diameter and a lightweight composition of only 1700g. Composed of a 5mm thick high-quality carbon fibre body and supplemented with a custom silicone grip, the FX Pro brings together the next-gen SimPro Manager, exclusive new button design, the advanced SIMAGIC S-ray 12 RGB buttons, patented HALL paddle modules, and soft glow LED lights to redefine your racing journey.

Streamlined Innovation for Superior Formula Racing Performance

The FX Pro Formula Steering Wheel amplifies your racing experience by incorporating advanced technology with streamlined simplicity. The vibrant 4.3″ LCD display provides real-time telemetry data monitoring, complete with a pop-up alert system for constant race updates. The wheel also presents multi-scene screen presets with real-time switching functionality, ensuring your vehicle’s telemetry is always within reach. With patented button cap stickers, create your unique wheel design from 128 distinct, easy-to-use patterns.

FX Pro: What’s in the Box?

  • Simagic FX Pro Formula Steering Wheel
  • HALL Paddle Module
  • 6 Paddle modules
  • SIMAGIC QR50 Quick Release
  • Warranty Card
  • Installation Kit
  • USB 3.0 Cable
  • Button cap stickers (128x)

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Q: What does the 10Nm maximum torque specification mean in terms of performance for the Simagic Alpha Mini Direct Drive Wheelbase?
A: The 10Nm maximum torque specification of the Simagic Alpha Mini Direct Drive Wheelbase refers to the maximum force that the motor can output at peak loads. For most sim racers, 10Nm is enough – and very close to, if not slightly more than the torque loads you experience in a real racing car.

Q: What purpose does the 3rd Filter serve in the Simagic Alpha Mini Direct Drive Wheelbase?
A: The 3rd Filter in the Simagic Alpha Mini Direct Drive Wheelbase aids in enhancing the smoothness of force feedback, resulting in a more realistic and immersive racing experience.

Q: What benefits does the high Encoder Resolution bring to the driving experience?
A: The high encoder resolution of 262144 ppr (pulses per revolution) on the Alpha Mini Direct Drive Wheelbase contributes to highly accurate positional tracking of the wheel. This translates to more precise control and feedback during races, enabling a more immersive and realistic simulation experience.

Q: How does the 40Khz Response Rate impact the racing simulation?
A: A 40kHz Response Rate on the Alpha Mini Wheelbase ensures very quick and smooth reactions to in-game events. The higher the response rate, the quicker the wheel can react to changes in the game, which provides a more realistic racing experience.

Q: Is the Simagic Quick Release included, or does it need to be purchased separately?
A: The package is supplied with a quick release, wheel, mounting fixtures and cables.

Q: Does the wheelbase come with all necessary cables for installation?
A: Yes, the Alpha Mini wheelbase package includes a PSU and USB Cable for installation.

Q: What’s the advantage of having a 290mm Diameter wheel like the FX Pro?
A: The 290mm Diameter of the FX Pro steering wheel is a standard size for Formula style sim racing wheels

Q: Can the RGB buttons on the FX Pro steering wheel be programmed individually?
A: Yes, the customizable RGB buttons on the FX Pro steering wheel can be programmed individually. Each button can be assigned a specific colour and function, allowing you to customise your controls to your preference.

Q: Is the SIMAGIC QR50 Quick Release system compatible with other brands of racing setups?
A: The SIMAGIC QR50 Quick Release system is designed for compatibility with Simagic products.

Q: What are the uses for the Button cap stickers included in the package?
A: The Button cap stickers included with the FX Pro steering wheel package are designed to help you label and quickly identify the function of each programmable button on the wheel. With 128 stickers provided, you can extensively customize your wheel’s controls for various racing scenarios.

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