Simagic Alpha Mini Direct Drive + GT1 (D-Shaped) BUNDLE


Introducing the Simagic Alpha Mini, the newest innovation in sim racing. Its smooth servo motor provides an unmatched Direct Drive experience, setting it as a prime choice for your first Direct Drive wheelbase. Its easy installation, robust quick-release, and game-changing force feedback (FFB) offer unprecedented levels of precision and fidelity.

Inlcuded with the Alpha is the Simagic GT1 sim steering wheel. Designed with a focus on versatility, you can use this wheel for drifting to circuit racing. This state-of-the-art wheel is a racing masterpiece that blends high-quality materials with innovative technology to ensure a fun, immersive and successful racing experience.

Embrace the future of Direct Drive systems with the Alpha Mini, offering flawless precision and driver fidelity. This 10Nm wheelbase is a serious competitor in the realm of force feedback racing systems.

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Alpha Mini: Incomparable Performance:

Leverage the power of Simagic’s latest CPU, a 200 MHz processor complemented by 10Nm maximum torque. The Alpha Mini incorporates custom 5-pole servo motors, ensuring a first-rate Direct Drive experience with a lightning-fast 1ms response time and almost non-existent latency.

With a 262,144 ppr encoder resolution, a 40Khz response rate, and a 3rd gen filter with superior algorithms, prepare for force feedback like never before.

Design and Build:

The Alpha Mini Direct Drive Wheelbase features an all-metal construction. Its CNC machined aluminum housing, refined through sandblasting and oxidation processes, gives it a sleek black exterior that speaks to the Alpha Mini’s unique performance abilities.

Software: SimPro Manager:

Whether you’re new to racing or a seasoned professional, SimPro Manager is there for you. Enjoy effortless driving with free pre-sets or discover your unique force feedback settings.

Wireless Technology:

The Alpha Mini includes patented wireless power supply technology, eliminating unnecessary wires for a cleaner, more streamlined sim racing experience to your sim steering wheel

Simagic Alpha Mini: Technical Specifications

  • Motor Type: Custom 5-pole servo motor
  • Maximum Torque: 10Nm
  • Wireless Power Supply Tech: Included
  • 3rd Filter: Included
  • Encoder Resolution: 262,144 ppr
  • Processor Frequency: 200 MHz
  • Response Rate: 40 Khz
  • Building Materials: Aluminum Alloy, Carbon Fiber
  • Dimensions: 259.5mm x 110mm x 91.92mm
  • Net Weight: 6.35kg

What’s in the Box?

  • Alpha Mini Direct Drive Wheelbase
  • Warranty Card
  • Installation Kit
  • PSU
  • USB Cable

GT1 Sim Racing Wheel with D-shaped Rim: Elevate Your Racing Game

The Simagic GT1 sim steering wheel is your steadfast companion on your journey from novice to podium sitter. Designed with an emphasis on versatility, the GT1 is just as comfortable drifting as it is for road / oval racing. This state-of-the-art wheel is a racing masterpiece that blends high-quality materials with innovative technology to ensure a fun, immersive and successful racing experience.

Key Features

The GT1 sports an Integrated HUB with controls including 4 buttons, 2 rotary encoders, 3 speed shifter, and a light switch, providing you with comprehensive control over your racing experience.

D-shaped Rim with Genuine Alcantara

Crafted from CNC Aluminum Alloy and featuring a D-shaped rim, the GT1 ensures you have a firm, comfortable grip at all times. The use of Genuine Alcantara for the grips further enhances the comfort and control.

Patented Quick Release

The GT1 takes the hassle out of set up with its patented quick release system. Connecting your wheel to Simagic wheelbases is as simple as pressing and releasing – you’ll be ready to race in just a second, no tools required!

Patented HALL Module

Employing Simagic’s patented HALL Module, the GT1 guarantees precise and reliable racing performance.

Fast-mapping Buttons

With its fast-mapping buttons, the GT1 allows for swift and efficient customization, ensuring the wheel aligns perfectly with your personal racing preferences.


  • Wheel Type: GT
  • Grip Material: Alcantara
  • 7-way Multi-position Switch: 2
  • Toggle Switch: 2
  • Buttons: 4
  • Building Material: CNC Aluminum Alloy
  • Diameter: 330mm
  • Net Weight: 1.95kg
  • Shifter Paddles: Included
  • Clutch Paddles: Optional
  • Quick Release: SIMAGIC QR70 Included

What’s in the Box?

  • Simagic GT1 Sim Steering Wheel
  • USB Cable
  • Installation Kit
  • Warranty card

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Q: What types of racing is the Simagic GT1 steering wheel best suited for?
A: The Simagic GT1 steering wheel is designed to cater to a broad range of racing experiences from drifting to track racing. It’s a versatile wheel that can adapt to your racing style. From drifting at Ebisu to high intensity GT racing at Oulton Park, this wheel is highly versatile

Q: What materials is the Simagic GT1 steering wheel made from?
A: The Simagic GT1 steering wheel is constructed from CNC machined aluminum alloy, featuring a carbon fibre HUB and genuine Alcantara grips. These materials ensure that the wheel feels premium, sturdy, and lightweight.

Q: What kind of controls are integrated into the GT1 steering wheel?
A: The GT1 features an integrated HUB with 4 buttons, 2 rotary encoders, a 3-speed shifter, and a light switch for an immersive, fully-controlled racing experience customised to your liking.

Q: What’s the diameter of the Simagic GT1 steering wheel?
A: The Simagic GT1 steering wheel has a diameter of 330mm, providing ample handling space for a realistic racing experience.

Q: How does the quick release system on the Simagic GT1 steering wheel work?
A: The Simagic GT1 steering wheel employs a patented quick release system that allows for easy and rapid setup. Simply press and release to connect your wheel to Simagic wheelbases – you’ll be ready to race in just a second without the need for tools.

Q: Does the GT1 steering wheel come with shifter paddles?
A: Yes, the Simagic GT1 steering wheel does include shifter paddles. However, the inclusion of clutch paddles is optional or may be purchased separately.

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