Simagic Alpha Mini Direct Drive + GT4 (Dual Clutch) BUNDLE


Unveiling the Simagic Alpha Mini, your gateway to next-level sim racing. With a super smooth servo motor for a superior Direct Drive experience, it is an ideal choice for your first Direct Drive wheelbase. The installation is straightforward, the quick release system is solid and easy to use, and the force feedback (FFB) revolutionizes fidelity and precision.

This package comes with the GT4 Dual Clutch wheel, featuring an integrated hub, fast-mapping buttons, and clutch paddles, it’s perfect for GT Racing or Formula racing. The ergonomic design and durable, silicone grips ensure the GT4 wheel will get you to the finish line in the toughest endurance races.

Welcome to the Alpha Mini, an embodiment of superior precision and driver immersion. This 10Nm wheelbase is setting new standards in the world of force feedback racing systems and we absolutely love it.

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Alpha Mini: Performance That Stands Out:

Experience the power of Simagic’s next-gen CPU with a 200 MHz processor and a 10Nm maximum torque. The Alpha Mini incorporates custom 5-pole servo motors, guaranteeing a premium Direct Drive experience with an ultra-quick 1ms response time and practically zero latency.

With a 262,144 ppr encoder resolution, a 40Khz response rate, and a third-gen filter loaded with optimized algorithms, prepare yourself for unparalleled force feedback.

Design and Build:

The Alpha Mini Direct Drive Wheelbase boasts a full metal construction. Its CNC machined aluminum housing, polished through sandblasting and oxidation processes, exudes a sleek black exterior that mirrors the Alpha Mini’s unique performance capabilities.

SimPro Manager:

Whether you’re a novice or an avid racer, the SimPro Manager caters to your needs. Indulge in hassle-free driving with free pre-sets or explore various force feedback settings.


The Alpha Mini comes with patented wireless power supply technology, reducing wire clutter to the wheel keeping your installation tidy.

Technical Specifications

  • Motor Type: Custom 5-pole servo motor
  • Maximum Torque: 10Nm
  • Wireless Power Supply Tech: Included
  • 3rd Filter: Included
  • Encoder Resolution: 262,144 ppr
  • Processor Frequency: 200 MHz
  • Response Rate: 40 Khz
  • Building Materials: Aluminum Alloy, Carbon Fiber
  • Dimensions: 259.5mm x 110mm x 91.92mm
  • Net Weight: 6.35kg

What’s in the Box?

  • Alpha Mini Direct Drive Wheelbase
  • Warranty Card
  • Installation Kit
  • PSU
  • USB Cable

GT4 Dual Clutch Wheel

Featuring an integrated hub, fast-mapping buttons, and clutch paddles, the Simagic GT4 wheel is perfect for GT Racing or Formula racing. The ergonomic design and durable, silicone grips ensure the GT4 wheel handles like a dream in endurance races.

Materials that Meet the Highest Standards

The GT4 is a masterpiece of engineering, combining carbon fibre and CNC machined aluminum for maximum durability and a lightweight feel. The addition of silicone grips ensures long-lasting comfort during your racing sessions.

Assignability and Ergonomics

Equipped with 12 customizable RGB buttons and two 7-way multi-position switches, the GT4 allows for great assignability and quick and easy in-game adjustments. Each control is strategically placed to be within ergonomic reach, ensuring you can stay focused on the race without looking for the right button!

Quick Release for Rapid Setup

The patented Simagic Quick Release makes swapping wheels a breeze. No tools required – just press, release, and you’re ready to race in a second.

Technical Specifications:

  • Wheel Type: Formula/GT
  • Grip Material: Silicone
  • Controls: 12 RGB buttons, 2 x 7-way multi-position switches
  • Materials: Carbon Fibre, Aluminium, Silicone
  • Diameter: 300mm
  • Net Weight: 1.3kg
  • Shifter Paddles: Included
  • Clutch Paddles: Included with this package

What’s in the box?

  • Warranty Card
  • Installation Kit
  • USB Cable
  • Stickers

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Q: Does the Simagic GT4 wheel have a QR system?
A: Yes, the Simagic GT4 wheel is designed to work seamlessly with the Simagic Alpha Mini wheelbase thanks to the included SIMAGIC QR50 Quick Release system.

Q: What materials are the Simagic GT4 wheel made of?
A: The Simagic GT4 wheel is constructed from carbon fibre, aluminium, and silicone.

Q: Can the Simagic GT4 be used for both GT and Formula racing?
A: Yes, the Simagic GT4 is an ideal wheel for both GT and Formula racing styles, offering a versatile 300mm GT style design.

Q: What are the connectivity options for the Simagic GT4 wheel and Simagic Alpha Mini wheelbase?
A: The Simagic GT4 wheel and Simagic Alpha Mini wheelbase connect via a quick release system. For other types of wheelbase, the package includes a USB cable for connection to your gaming PC.

Q: Are the clutch paddles included with the Simagic GT4 wheel?
A: Clutch paddles are included with this Simagic GT4 wheel. You can choose to have a configuration with just shifting paddles, or one with both shifting and clutch paddles based on your preferences – please get in touch if you don’t want clutch paddles.

Q: How many programmable buttons does the Simagic GT4 wheel have?
A: The Simagic GT4 wheel includes 12 RGB buttons, plus two 7-way multi-position switches, all of which can be programmed to suit your specific racing needs.

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