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The Simagic FX Pro Formula Steering Wheel is designed to offer the most immersive sim racing experience possible today. Developed in conjunction with professional Formula racers and engineers, it perfectly captures the feeling of driving and interacting with an advanced Formula car. Recreate a genuine Formula racing experience or use its versatility for GT racing categories too.

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Quality Construction

The wheel is made with a carbon fibre body, providing a strong and sturdy construction that is built to last. It’s equipped with non-slip, sweat-resistant silicone grips for a comfortable and firm grip, even during the most intense races. The wheel has a diameter of 290mm and a net weight of 1700g, ensuring a perfect balance between usability and realism.

The gear and double-clutch paddles are constructed with a sturdy design and a neat finish. Their limited travel distance, solid feedback, and immediate response are impressive features.

Highly Customizable

With twelve RGB buttons, four thumb rotary encoders, five rotary encoders, and a seven-position switch, this steering wheel offers a high level of customization. The buttons, rotary encoders, and even the LEDs are individually customizable through SimPro Manager software.

Integrated LED Display

The vibrant 4.3-inch LED display is surrounded by 21 soft glow RGB LEDs. These provide you with vital racing information, from gear selection to lap times, right at your fingertips. The telemetry-controlled warning system is also a key feature, notifying you of different flag situations on track.


Multi-Function RGB Lighting

The SIMAGIC S-ray Multi-function RGB light adds an extra layer of realism to your sim racing setup. It creates a spectacular light show in your cockpit, synchronizing with the on-track action.

Paddle Module & Quick Release

The FX Pro comes with a six-paddle module, comprising of two paddle shifters, two functional paddles, and a double clutch system. The paddles are constructed with high precision, ensuring swift gear changes and responsive control. A SIMAGIC QR50 Quick Release is included, enabling quick and easy attachment to your wheelbase.

Software Compatibility

Using the SimPro Manager software, you can customize every aspect of the wheel, from button mappings to LED settings. Additionally, the wheel synchronizes with all games installed on your computer and automatically loads the correct profiles, enhancing your gaming experience.

The comfortable 4.3-inch screen size, coupled with the SimPro Manager software’s extensive customization options, makes the FX Pro a worthy addition to any racing rig.

What’s in the box?

  • Simagic FX Pro Formula Steering Wheel
  • HALL Paddle Module
  • 6 Paddle modules
  • SIMAGIC QR50 Quick Release
  • Warranty Card
  • Installation Kit
  • USB 3.0 Cable
  • Button cap stickers (128x)

The Simagic FX Pro Formula Sim Racing Steering Wheel is not just a peripheral, it’s an integral part of your racing experience. Providing a blend of superior quality, customization, and performance, it’s built to elevate your sim racing to the next level.


Q: What is the diameter of the Simagic FX Pro sim racing steering wheel?
A: The FX Pro has a diameter of 290mm

Q: What materials are used in the construction of the FX Pro?
A: The housing and front plate are made from carbon and the wheel grips are silicon.

Q: How many customizable RGB buttons does the Simagic FX Pro have?
A: There are 12 customizable RGB buttons; 4 thumb encoders; 5 rotary encoder buttons; and a 7-way multi-position switch.

Q: Does the Simagic FX Pro come with a quick release?
A: The wheel is connected to the wheelbase via a 50mm Simagic quick release adapter (the SIMAGIC QR50)

Q: What is the weight of the Simagic FX Pro?
A: the net weight of the wheel is 1700g

Q: What software is used to customize the Simagic FX Pro’s settings and features?
A: The Simagic FX Pro uses the SimPro Manager software for customization and setting adjustments.

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