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The new ProPedal GT Hydraulic sim racing pedals have been very well reviewed by the wider sim racing community. They drive exceptionally well and look the part in a high-end rig build thanks to their entirely custom design and CNC manufacturing.

  • New and innovative sim pedal set from SimTrecs
  • High quality CNC machining and custom components throughout
  • High end pedal feel and detailed control in the sim environment
  • Ultra high endurance electronics and a 200kg load cell

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The ProPedal GT sim racing pedal set from Hungarian based SimTrecs is one of the more exciting product releases in the sim racing community for quite some time.
This new and innovative pedal set is completely custom designed and made inhouse at SimTrecs in Budapest.

Visually, they’re clearly a beautiful alternative to the similarly priced Heusinkveld Ultimate+, but the engineering philosophy from SimTrecs is significantly different. Firstly, each pedal body is fully CNC machined rather than built on laser cut metal plates. This gives the pedals an extremely industrial but stylish look. Each machined item is unique for purpose and it’s clear that a lot of thought and design time has gone into this pedal set. The blue anodised dampers are also made in house and are individually tuned depending on the application.

Expect an array of high-quality electronic components including Vishay potentiometers in the clutch and throttle and a very high quality 200kg load cell installed in the brake. The potentiometers are actuated via a crank mechanism (again with a few blue anodised parts). This takes any potential for mechanical shock away from the sensitive components meaning you can feel confident in the durability of their design.
The custom electronics (custom designed and not off the shelf like some pedal kits) are hidden and well protected inside the throttle pedal body. This minimises EM interference with what is a very sensitive load cell and amplifier!
Mechanical components used throughout the build are of the highest quality including sealed bearings, high end universal ball joints, adjustable hydraulic damping on the brake and individually tuned dampers on the throttle and clutch.



The SimTrecs SmartDrive configuration utility allows you to edit the response curves of all 3 pedals, from a linear response to exponential. A “one point” and a “multi point” adaptation is also available for pedal setups on the most unforgiving cars. As you’d expect you can create and save custom profile configurations, set dead zones, and control the maximum brake force limit. The defaults supplied are already excellent and the initial pedal calibration process is very simple.


The throttle

The throttle is a perfectly machined item, with a sprung damper controlling the pedal compression and rebound. All the electronics can be found inside the throttle pedal body, and as a result the brake and clutch connect to the throttle which has a USB output ready to connect to your PC.

In terms of feel, something we really like about the throttle response is how well it returns when you lift off the throttle. It has a very satisfying mechanical feeling, where the pedal returns with your foot in perfect synchronisation allowing for precise throttle control both when you’re settling the rear out of a corner and lifting off to induce the right amount of oversteer for corner entry. This is a real racer’s throttle, and you’ll enjoy it straight out of the pits.


The brake

Arguably the most important part of any sim pedal set, the brake in the ProPedal GT set does not disappoint. You can adjust the damping on by changing its position on the pedal arm (the damping is increased compared to the previous version). A huge array of elastomer packers can be used to fine tune both the pedal feel and the return (rebound), with an adjustable pre-loaded spring available to control pre-load and pad knock simulation.

One of the best brake pedals we’ve used at G-Performance, the brake system enables a huge range of fine-tuning options with 3 different stiffnesses of elastomers supplied. Further fine tuning can be attained by adjusting the maximum load controller located on the side of the throttle or via the SmartDrive software.

The brake pedal is smooth, well-engineered and allows for very fine control when trail braking into corners. Overall a very sensitive and high-quality load cell brake that you’ll never outgrow.



Featuring sealed ball bearings and a novel lever mechanism featuring two dampers, this is the best feeling clutch we’ve ever tried in the simulator. It simulates a diaphragm clutch in a real car nicely, with the resistance on the pedal falling away as you reach full compression. The pedal plates on all 3 pedals allows for very accessible heel and toe downshifting. You can adjust the pedal force of the clutch with the different springs supplied in the box.



Installation is very simple, with all the bolts, tools, cables, grease and accessories you need to install and get started. Everything you need to get started with these exceptional sim pedals comes in the meticulously well-presented box. It comes supplied with an Allen key set and a socket wrench too! In terms of pedal plate, they’re slightly shorter than the Heusinkveld Ultimate sim pedals and longer than Heusinkveld Sprints, so you may need to adjust your rig slightly (if you’re mounting on aluminium profile) or buy the pedal plate.

The manual is very detailed and extensive – something we recommend you read before getting started!

What’s included in the box?

The package supplied is very extensive and we can’t think of anything else you’d need to get started:

  • Tools
  •  Bolts
  • Plastic and elastomer packers
  • Earth cable
  • Manual
  • Grease
  • Springs for clutch

What options do I need to choose?

You may choose to buy the SimTrecs pedal plate for easier installation, especially if your pedal base plate is drilled steel or aluminium rather than an aluminium profile style setup.

A heel plate is not included with the pedal set unless you order the Simtrecs pedal plate. It may be that your existing setup already has a pedal plate, in which case we recommend you check the dimensions of these pedals.

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Frequently asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between the SimTrecs vs Heusinkveld Sprints and Ultimates
A: Firstly, the Heusinkveld Sprints are the best mid range pedal set you can buy at about half of the budget of the SimTrecs. Sprints don’t have damping of any sort and are a little more limited in terms of adjustability throughout. The Ultimates are a fairer comparison and are almost identical in terms of budget. As the ProPedal GT and the Ultimates are in about the same price range, and have much the same configuration software, the decision between them is largely down to personal taste. We would say that the SimTrecs have a superior build quality and look very much the part. We also love the feel of the throttle and the brakes! The Ultimates have a two-way damper instead of the SimTrecs 1 way system, which means there’s a marginal difference in rebound on the brake pedal. You will be delighted with either!

Q: Are the SimTrecs ProPedal GT easy to install and get started with?
A: Yes – all the components and instructions are provided to get your out and running in no time. Pedal installation is extremely simple with the usual 4 corners bolted to your rig on each pedal. Software installation is easy, too and the calibration process is very clear.

Q: What are the dimensions of these pedals?
The mounting dimensions for the SimTrecs ProPedal GT can be found here.

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