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The Simucube 2 Pro direct drive wheel offers the serious sim racing enthusiast a fully immersive, realistic driving environment. With some of the latest hi fidelity industrial electronics, the responsiveness and accuracy at any torque level is astonishing.

Forget you’re in the simulator thanks to Simucube TrueDrive technology and progress your driving just like a Pro driver would.

The Simucube 2 Quick Release™ – wheel side kit needs to be purchased separately.

New R2 version with 1x450W power supply.

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Purchase this product to earn 1199 Points worth of 15,99 !
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Get on the pace

At the very top of the Wishlist of most sim racing enthusiasts should be Simucube’s astonishing Simucube 2 Pro direct drive sim racing wheel.

With striking build quality and immense accessibility, Simucube have made their mid-range offering one of the most sought-after sim racing wheels in the industry.

With cutting edge features like the exceptional SQR hub and Simucube Wireless Wheel technology, the Simucube 2 Pro is a highly progressive, smooth and usable sim racing wheelbase ideal for those wanting to find more pace through accuracy, detail, reaction time and the natural force feedback effects.

At G-Performance we have driven a lot of simulated miles with this device – it is a real favourite here – read our review..

“Sim Racing has become a big part of the profession, it’s just such a great tool to help prepare for race events in the real world, whether that’s refamiliarizing with a track you haven’t raced at in a while, or just getting in the correct mindset for the race.

That’s why when it came down to choosing equipment, only the best would suffice, and the pursuit of the best is why I chose the Simucube 2 Pro. The Direct Drive FFB, Ultra Low Latency and the High Dynamic Range of the Simucube 2 Pro makes the sim racing experience incredibly realistic, and as close to driving the real thing as is possible.”

Stefan Wilson – Indy 500 driver & McLaren Autosport BRDC Award winner

Highly detailed track driving experience

Match the pace in eSports competition with the Simucube 2 Pro direct drive wheel. The Simucube 2 Pro is the next generation system from Granite devices offering 25 Nm of peak torque.

Thanks to its high technology 22-bit angle sensor straight from the Granite Devices industrial R&D lab, every bump and vibration from the track is faithfully communicated through the wheel with supreme accuracy.

Peak and constant torque is delivered smoothly, and, with no lag, you will feel confident in making quick adjustments on track thanks to the incredibly responsive and realistic feel.

Increase your Competitiveness with ultra-fast reaction speeds

Thanks to the Simucube high torque response rate pro motor, every tiny detail of your racing chassis movement is communicated at blistering speed. Each track detail, bump and vibration is delivered instantly with clarity that allows the driver to make quick effective adjustments in the race seat.

If you’re a Formula car driver you’ll love the Simucube 2 Pro. Its smooth delivery of force feedback is ideally suited to F1, F3 and Sports Prototype class cars running on slicks. The extensive range of Formula style wheels available from Cube Controls compliment the Simucube 2 Pro by providing precisely the inputs required to maintain the performance of your car through a race.

The accurate feedback from the TrueDrive system means every brake bias, differential, traction control and ABS change can be felt though the wheel immediately.

Drive like a Pro racing driver

Simucube’s TrueDrive technology is constantly under development meaning that the incredibly natural feel of the racing chassis is always improving.

Simucube’s superior dynamic range at every level of torque means that you will always have a clear picture of what your racing car chassis and tyres are doing in the simulation, making for more confident and accurate driving.

Catch slides before they happen thanks to Simucube’s amazing digital signal processing and high slew rate knowing that as you develop in the simulator, you are also developing your driving ability as a Professional driver would.

Simucube 2 Ultimate - AMG Petronas Official Esports team Supplier

Professional racing car feel through the Simucube SQR Hub

Simucube’s exciting SQR hub technology is the favourite quick release systems in the sim racing industry. SQR offers precisely CNC machined aluminium billet componentry and fits so perfectly that you will sense no play or flex from the QR hub mount. No detail is lost through this hub.

What’s included?

– Simucube 2 Pro wheelbase
– 1 x Power supply (R2 Single PSU Update)
– Cables
– Stop button
– Mounting bolts for front mount

Installation and drivers

Because of the peak torque loads generated by the Simucube 2 Pro, we recommend a rigid aluminium front mounting chassis, typically found in sim rigs like the Trak Racer TR80. The mounting bolts required are included. You can also mount on to flat plate with our wheel deck mount kit found here.

TrueDrive software from Simucube is easily installed and will automatically update the Simucube firmware and drivers. With TrueDrive you can save tuning profiles for your racing car and your favourite sim software. TrueDrive is also required to configure compatible wireless wheels such as the GT Pro OMP Wireless from Cube Controls.

Useful links, drivers, and manuals

Simucube Forum

Standard warranty

24 months

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  1. Satisfied customer

    SIMUCUBE 2 Pro

    I don’t think there is better option in this price range.

    Satisfied customer

  2. Farkass Miklos

    SIMUCUBE 2 Pro

    I am very satisfied with the product!

    Farkass Miklos

  3. Jeroen Diekmann

    SIMUCUBE 2 Pro

    Fast delivery and very nice product!

    Jeroen Diekmann

  4. Jack Fruh

    SIMUCUBE 2 Pro

    Simucube’s are really smooth, which I appreciate, however my Simucube 2 Pro makes noise when force feedback being used – I measured it with a sound level meter – it’s about 50dB. Apparently quite a few of these make noise – I might end up sending it back, this is too much money for a product that isn’t 100% perfect. Giving it 3 stars for Value/performance/quality – without the noise, it’d be 5/5 in all those categories.

    Jack Fruh

  5. Kozlekek

    SIMUCUBE 2 Pro

    After switching from Accuforce V2 I could say that Simucube is definitely a better option. So smooth and the spring effect on open wheel cars feels so real, when racing I eventually stop perceive it as an electrical engine. Stability is insane when configured properly via software and in sim. This is however required some effort, but after trying various settings from the Internet I found the configuration that works well for me without clipping or wobbling.

    SIMUCUBE 2 Pro
    SIMUCUBE 2 Pro


  6. Marcelo Letelier

    SIMUCUBE 2 Pro

    This thing is Amazing!!

    Marcelo Letelier

  7. Rico Broder

    SIMUCUBE 2 Pro

    Best purchase I‘ve ever made

    Rico Broder

  8. Tomas Jasulaitis

    SIMUCUBE 2 Pro

    Excelent, amazing, best.. Which is how I feel about this product. Came from Thrustmaster 300 RS which was a lot better than Logitech G27. But this drive is way ahead of belt driven, I can feel every detail on the road. Simucube I purchased solely for BemNG Drive which I would recomend to try to everybody because drive physics and feedback is amazing on DD, plus there are a lot of mods to try. Start up and software of Simucube is a lot easier than I thought, actually plug-n-play. Bindings to BeamNG was without any problem and feedback setup was realy easy, not that hard that you should keep retesting it whole day.

    Tomas Jasulaitis

  9. CG

    SIMUCUBE 2 Pro

    Great product (my first direct drive base) Very good price compared to the others


  10. Mohammad Hafizuddin Zakaraya

    SIMUCUBE 2 Pro

    Very good product and fast delivery!!

    Mohammad Hafizuddin Zakaraya rig 1
    Mohammad Hafizuddin Zakaraya rig 2

    Mohammad Hafizuddin Zakaraya

  11. Jeners Nieves

    SIMUCUBE 2 Pro

    Best upgrade so far to my rig!

    Jeners Nieves

  12. pytlik

    SIMUCUBE 2 Pro

    Quite expensive product but I find it corrensponding to the quality. Good package, perfect perfomance and nice included accessories.


  13. Samet Berk Ozdemir

    SIMUCUBE 2 Pro

    Amazing quality. Possible the best direct drive at the market.

    Samet Berk Ozdemir

  14. Chang Chun Ming

    SIMUCUBE 2 Pro

    It was good deal. Thank you.

    Chang Chun Ming

  15. Antoine Daccache

    SIMUCUBE 2 Pro

    simply amazing…if you have the funds, don’t hesitate

    SIMUCUBE 2 Pro

    Antoine Daccache

  16. Martin Mikulka

    SIMUCUBE 2 Pro

    Excellent quality wheelbase, bought from G-Performance. I have the R2 revision with only one power brick. Installation to the rig is very easy, but only the front mount is possible. Wheel motion is very smooth while the wheelbase is very quiet. It is hard to hear any noise. There is some, but totally unnoticeable while driving. There is absolutely no play in the shaft, neither in the Simucube Quick Release system. Very satisfied in this area. I am using SRB BB Ultra as the button box, no issues at all with the wheel detection, neither with missed button presses, signal is 100% all the time. Connection is wireless and wheelbase does not provide any power to the button box. For button boxes with illuminated buttons and displays, it will be necessary to connect via USB or to have internal battery, which would make these products even more expensive. True Drive software provides rich possibilities to fine tune the force feedback. There are two modes – Simple and Advanced. For the beginner it may be a bit difficult to understand all settings in the Advanced mode, some googling is necessary because there is not a lot of information in the True Drive software.

    Regarding the price, this wheelbase is not the cheap one, button boxes and wheels are not cheap either. But overall, it is excellent wheelbase. I have no previous experience with direct drive. I like SC2 Pro a lot and don’t regret buying one.


    – very smooth and quiet

    – build quality

    – zero play in the shaft and QR

    – fine tuning in True Drive software


    – no power for the button box

    – lack of settings description in the True Drive software

    – price the of wheelbase and wheels

    Martin Mikulka

  17. Y.H

    SIMUCUBE 2 Pro

    I’m just starting to use it, but I think it’s very well done. It is easy to grasp the road surface condition and the feeling of the front desk.


  18. Luca

    SIMUCUBE 2 Sport

    Very best, servo motor. Nice


  19. Roberto Dolsak

    SIMUCUBE 2 Pro - No

    Everything perfect for now.

    Roberto Dolsak

  20. George Fasoulis

    SIMUCUBE 2 Pro

    Absolutely amazing piece of hardware! Although I am Coming from a really good base (CSW 2.5), this thing is from another planet!

    George Fasoulis

  21. Alberto Rama

    SIMUCUBE 2 Pro

    Sensations are incredible. The only downside is the time you need to get the setups right, but its worthy.

    Alberto Rama

  22. Stanisław Sokołowski

    SIMUCUBE 2 Pro - Wheel deck mount

    Great expensive

    Stanisław Sokołowski

  23. Pranesh

    SIMUCUBE 2 Pro

    Unparalleled force feedback and precision.


  24. michael-giger

    Simucube 2 Pro

    Awesome Stuff and very nice support from M. Gallo. Very Helpful and fast responding. Thank you for everything.

    SIMUCUBE 2 Pro


  25. Ivana Limonova

    SIMUCUBE 2 Pro

    Thanks for fast shipment

    Ivana Limonova

  26. ahumuratguven

    Simucube2 Pro

    Hi torque and very strong stuff.Heavy duty!!!Best DD in the market.Perfect software..

    SIMUCUBE 2 Pro


  27. Mirek Petrák

    SIMUCUBE 2 Pro

    great ..great…great

    Mirek Petrák

  28. Aleksey Nasedin

    SIMUCUBE 2 Pro

    It very smooth and high torque dd wheel.

    Aleksey Nasedin

  29. Lars Baumeler

    SIMUCUBE 2 Pro

    Very good, i am really happy with it.

    Lars Baumeler

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