Next generation Simucube 2 Direct Drive System 
25 Nm of max torque, 22bit angle sensor – 4.2 mil cpr resolution
Designed for ultra low latency, dual CPU architecture

Included in the package: 

  • SC2 Pro wheel base
  • power supply
  • cables
  • stop button
  • Simucube Quick Release (SQR): motor side+Wheel side kit+locking pin

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SIMUCUBE 2 Pro – high performance Direct Drive Wheel system for real sim racing professionals 

In order to experience a true racing feeling, first of all you need a professional force feedback steering system. In a real race car, it is the steering, which gives the race driver the most information about the track surface and car behavior. Based on steering system information, the race driver can estimate what he can do, to drive the car at the absolute limit of traction. 

If you want to experience first-class training on your professional racing simulator and get the most out of your driving skills, you need a professional Direct Drive wheel, which can simulate real steering forces and sensations. The Direct Drive steering system has to be able to transfer high forces onto your arms very quickly. And vice-versa, transfer commands from the steering wheel to the simulator software as fast as possible.

Typical applications of the steering system include:

  • Race driver training simulators*
  • Race car development
  • Driving licence training
  • Simulators used as a promotion tool
  • Military vehicle training

*ideal for teams participating in race series including:

  • Open wheel – F1, F2, F3, F4
  • Prototype – LMP1, LMP2, LMP3
  • GT – GT3, GT4
  • Touring car – WTCR, TCR
  • eSports series

The SIMUCUBE 2 Pro meets all four essential requirements for a perfect sim racing

4 basic ingredients of the perfect racing simulator

Ultra-low response time

It is important, that the hardware and software of the simulator responds to the driver’s commands with the least delay possible – just like a real racing car. This is the only way the race driver can precisely time an overtaking maneuver or a perfect line of a turn. In the real world and the world of professional racing simulators, there is simply no delay that a human being can notice. The SIMUCUBE 2 Pro Direct Drive wheel and its super-low response rate takes care of this.

Steering feedback

Extremely fast steering response means that the sim racing driver is drawn directly into the action on the virtual track. The Direct Drive steering brings the driver the feeling of a real racing car, constantly giving them information about the surface beneath the car’s wheels, giving them information about bumps and front axle activity. This allows the sim racer to precisely control any race car.

High dynamics 

The SIMUCUBE 2 Pro Direct Drive steering system adapts extremely quickly to the current track situation. It transfers all the the information about the road surface and the forces acting on the front wheels imediatelly, without any delay. The wide torque range (up to 25 Nm) that the steering motor can exert allows to dynamically simulate any driving situation.

Natural signal processing 

With some cheaper sim steering units, the driver feels that the steering signals are processed somewhere in the background by the computer and evaluates how the driver reacts to them. With such steering, the race driver cannot focus so good on the steering sensations. In the case of the SIMUCUBE 2 Pro sim seteering unit, the signals are processed directly in the hardware. Contributing, not only to extremely fast responses, but also to the natural driving sensation. The driver is drawn directly into the action and does not feel that he is sitting in a simulator istead of a real race car.

shop.gperformance.eu - Simucube 2 Pro steering diagram

Metal structure

The SIMUCUBE 2 Pro simulator steering boasts an all-metal design that ensures the high rigidity of the entire unit. It is difficult to find any plastic part in it, one piece made of plastic is the window of the receiver of wireless controller.

Precise input sensor

The basis for correct steering functioning is extremely precise steering wheel input sensor. Any difference between steering wheel input and software response would be disruptive and would spoil the impression of a perfect simulation. Thus, the SIMUCUBE 2 Pro is equipped with a 4,000,000-step sensor per a steering wheel rotation, ensuring maximum steering wheel input sensitivity.

The perfect electric motor

This is not just a simple marketing praise, the SIMUCUBE developer team have been extremely particular about choosing a truly perfect engine without the drawbacks of standard electric motors. Developers compared more than 40 engines, from which they eventually chose the best. They adjusted it to fit perfectly into the SIMUCUBE 2 Pro steering system.

High-quality industrial electric motor is characterized by extremely fast reactions, decent maximum torque (25 Nm) and absolute smoothness of operation. Its operation therefore does not interfere with even the slightest ripple of the torque course, which would spoil the simulation experience. The motor has been set up and tested to meet even the smallest tolerances which the human body cannot even pick up.

Isolated USB interference-protected

In SIMUCUBE, they tried to make the users of their steering systems never encounter unpleasant interference with the USB connection. They were able to do this thanks to a layer of galvanic isolation between USB and electronics. In addition, all connectors on the back of the ESD are protected, and this protection even exceeds the basic requirements.

Double CPU for fast response

To achieve maximum performance, the SIMUCUBE 2 Pro Direct Drive wheel (OSW) was equipped with a 216 MHz processor and a 144 MHz processor for PC USB communication. This combination guarantees minimal delay and super-fast response. The new 216 MHz processor is equipped with a superscalar ARM architecture that makes it 4 times faster than the 72 MHz IONI drive processor in Simucube 1.

Efficient passive cooling

Thanks to modern motors, the steering unit does not have to be equipped with any unpleasant noisy fans. The electric motor is designed to produce as little heat loss as possible even at high loads, so no fan is needed.

Quality over quantity

The SIMUCUBE 2 Pro steering electronics was designed in Finland by Granite Devices company. This company puts maximum emphasis on the quality of all components and the quality of the materials used never goes at the expense of price.

Safety with “Torque off” button

The high torque of 25 Nm produced by the SIMUCUBE 2 Pro steering motor can be dangerous in the event of a breakdown. All SIMUCUBE 2 steering systems are thus equipped with an external emergency stop button.

Natural signal processing

The problem with some cheaper sim racing direct drive steering units is the unnatural processing of steering and software signals. The driver feels that they are not in a real car, as the reactions are distorted, and it can be felt that they are processed by a computer. However, thanks to the renowned SIMUCUBE technology, all signals are processed naturally, so the driver feels like in a real racing car.

The driver can set how fast will the torque per millisecond change to adjust the response sharpness. The ultra-low delay mode will allow the driver to react extremely quickly to gain a head start. Of course, the SIMUCUBE 2 Pro steering also includes the transmission of inertia, damping and road data directly to the steering wheel and driver’s hands, who thanks to these data can quickly respond to the current situation.

Compare Models (Sport / Pro / Ultimate)

MotorDirect Drive optimized ultra low torque ripple motorHigh response speed Direct Drive optimized ultra low torque ripple motorMaximum response speed, low inertia, Direct Drive optimized ultra low torque ripple motor
Simucube Wireless Wheel™ supportIncludedIncludedIncluded
Simucube Quick Release™IncludedIncludedIncluded
Max torque17 Nm25 Nm32 Nm
Max torque slew rate4.8 Nm/ms8.0 Nm/ms9.5 Nm/ms
Angle sensor22 bit absolute22 bit absolute24 bit Hiperface
Torque Off buttonStandard (Premium optional)Standard (Premium optional)Premium (with remote power switch)
Power supply280 W2 x 280 W1000 W
Wheel base dimensions incl. SQR™130 x 130 x 250 mm130 x 130 x 270 mm115 x 115 x 310 mm
Mounting holesM8 x 4 pcs threaded holeM8 x 4 pcs threaded hole9 mm dia x 4 pcs through hole
Mounting hole pattern dia145 mm145 mm130 mm
Flange centering hole dia110 mm110 mm110 mm
Wheel base weight8.0 kg11.1 kg11.3 kg
Standard warranty24 months24 months60 months


Torque reconstruction processingYesYesYes
Static force reductionYesYesYes, in detail adjustable
Natural Damping, Inertia and Friction filtersYesYesYes, in detail adjustable
Ultra low latency modeYesYesYes
Torque slew rate adjustment

Sim Racing Wheel Buyer’s Guide – 2020 Edition

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Simucube SC2 Pro DD Wheelbase Review

Simucube 2 Pro Direct Drive Wheel Review

Sim Racing Wheel Buyer’s Guide – 2020 Edition

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SC Quick Release™ - Wheel side

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