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If you’re serious about simulation, the Simucube 2 Ultimate is the direct drive wheel to own.

Simucube’s top of the range Ultimate 2 is the professional high-end direct drive wheelbase for drivers who only want the best equipment for their simulators. Used by top eSports teams, commercial simulator owners and professional Motorsports organisations including F1, WEC and Formula-E teams across the world.

Get a fully immersive experience down to the tiniest track detail. Feel the limit of grip in your car and react ahead of time. Drive confidently, making full use of the simulated racing chassis and tires as the designer intended.

Forget you are driving in a simulator and experience the hyper-real sensation of the Simucube 2 Ultimate.

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Simucube 2 Ultimate – the eSports professional driver’s choice

Whether you are an eSports professional, a commercial grade simulator owner for professional driver training or a serious sim racing enthusiast, the Simucube Ultimate Direct Drive wheelbase is for you.

Granite Devices offer 3 direct drive wheelbases in their current range, the entry level Simucube 2 Sport, the mid-range and extremely popular Simucube 2 Pro and this wheel: the range topping Simucube 2 Ultimate.

The Simucube 2 Ultimate has a peak torque delivery capability of 32Nm, one of the most powerful sim racing wheelbases on the consumer market right now. But maximum power is not the key ingredient in sim racing experience. It is Simucube’s incredible capability to deliver huge driving feel and fidelity at any constant force level.


Experience track detail on an entirely new level

This wheelbase comes equipped with the latest high-fidelity electronics, which Granite Devices have ported over from their cutting edge industrial R&D applications, where the tiniest degree of motion has to be tightly controlled.

In a Simucube 2 Ultimate, you get the latest in sim racing electronics, including a cutting edge 24-bit Hiperface angle sensor that delivers 4,000,000-step sensitivity per steering wheel rotation.

Simucube’s in-house motor technology and their drive electronics mean you get the same adjustability and responsiveness you would find in a commercial grade F1 simulator.

Ultra-fast reaction speeds

Something you notice with this direct drive wheel is just how rapidly the force feedback is delivered through the steering wheel. The ultra-low sub-millisecond latency means that the intuitiveness of the driving experience is second to none.

Feel more confident by predicting the slide before it happens and respond fast enough to stay on top. With next to no latency and an ultra realistic natural driving experience, you can forget you are in a simulator and concentrate on what’s important – the drive.

Simucube 2 Ultimate - AMG Petronas Official Esports team Supplier

Simucube’s Wireless Wheel technology

Not only do you get the excellent SQR hub with the Simucube 2 Sport, but you also get compatibility with the Cube Controls series wireless wheels. Choose from our selection of Formula and GT sim racing wheels, and just drive with almost no configuration needed.

Natural feel

Simucube’s drivers are constantly updated to deliver the most natural interpretation of the simulated chassis.

Coupled with the onboard digital signal processing from Simucube’s latest 216 MHz processor with a superscalar ARM architecture – you have got some of the highest frequency interpolation filtering available in the market.

The Simucube 2 Ultimate is now four times faster than the older 72 MHz processors found in the IONI drives supplied in the predecessor, the Simucube 1.

Zero flex from the Simucube SQR Hub

The Simucube SQR hub is one of the favourite quick release hub mounts in the industry. It offers such a precisely machined fit, that you will sense zero flex from the QR hub mount. A high end and professional quick release hub, as it should be.

What’s included?

– SC2 Ultimate wheelbase
– Power supply
– Cables
– Premium stop button
– Simucube’s excellent Quick Release (SQR) for motor side and wheel side kit and mounting screws
– Mounting bolts for front chassis mount.

Installation and Drivers

The high torque delivered by this device requires a rigid aluminium front mounting chassis mount, typically found in sim racing chassis such as the Sim-Lab P1-X using the mounting bolts and locking compound supplied.

Simucube’s TrueDrive software is used to update drivers, save tuning profiles specific to your car and sim software. It is also required to configure compatible wireless wheels such as the Formula Sport Wireless from Cube Controls or the Ascher F28-SC V2.

Drivers / Manuals and useful links:
Simucube 2 Ultimate Manual
Simucube 2 Ultimate Drivers
Simucube Community (Granite Devices Forum)

Standard warranty

60 months

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