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The Simucube ActivePedal is a ground-breaking, fully software-defined sim racing pedal designed with unlimited adjustability, repeatability, and telemetry-based force feedback effects. It’s a pedal that can transform into the brake, throttle, or clutch of your dreams, offering a level of customization and interaction unprecedented in the sim racing world. We think that the mechanical sensation of braking through the pedals is a revolutionary experience that could potentially improve a driver’s performance in sim racing.

Engineered to last a lifetime, the ActivePedal requires zero maintenance and is constructed from industrial-grade components, making it the ideal choice for professional sim racers.

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Purchase this product to earn 2279-2440 Points worth 45,58 -48,80  + VAT, or multiplied by up to 3x, depending on your Loyalty level. Log in to collect and redeem points!

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Sim racing pedals have always been very passive. Until now you’ve been able to modify your pedals with haptic vibrations, but they’ve been missing an active feedback loop that replicates the sensation of actually driving a car. For example, the brake pads interfacing with the rotor during braking, the rear losing traction under too much throttle input, and the pedals vibrating in sync with the engine RPM. Simucube’s new pedals have literally rewritten the book on what’s possible with the paradigm changing ActivePedal.

These pedals are not just another component in your sim racing setup – they’re a game-changer. It takes you beyond the passive experience of sim racing and brings the feel of the track right under your feet.

What does an F1 engineer think?

“The Simucube ActivePedal changes the whole braking game in sim racing. So far it is the first and only pedal which can give you the feedback you want from the game and it also gives you the possibility to customize it easily and quickly. There hasn’t been anything like this before.”

Ossi Oikarinen, F1 Engineer

Feel everything

Feel the engine vibrate, react when ABS activates, and adjust the brake pressure up to 150 kg. You can customize the brake travel distance, and more. With the simple but versatile software, you can adjust the effects from minimal to overwhelming. The feel stays constant forever, and the precise motor and rail require no maintenance.

Unique new advantages

The Simucube pedals offer a unique advantage with the ability to set up profiles for both the mechanical feel and force feedback, allowing for a more customizable and immersive racing experience.

ActivePedal offers near infinite adjustments, including a smoothness adjustment that gives it a more authentic hydraulic feeling. The adjustment scope runs incredibly deep, including S curves and exponential and logarithmic curves, allowing for a more customized and nuanced driving experience.


The new Simucube force feedback pedals are “unbelievable” according to influential Youtubers in the sim racing space and have blown away even experienced sim racers.


  • Real Force feedback
  • User defined physics
  • ABS feedback
  • RPM feedback
  • Configurable as a brake, throttle or clutch
  • 150kg brake pressure
  • Maintenance free
  • 5-year warranty


How to Install ActivePedal

The Simucube ActivePedal is designed for easy installation. It comes with all necessary mounting bolts and a Torx allen key. Simply secure the pedal in your rig using the provided fixing screws.

For software installation, connect the ActivePedal to your system using the included SC Link, USB cable, and Ethernet RJ45 cable.

While detailed instructions are provided in the Quick Start Guide, it’s a good idea to check the dimensions before purchase. The Activepedal is 402mm in length and 85mm wide – please consult the mounting dimensions in our useful links section.

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FAQ Section

Q: How does the force feedback feature work on the Simucube ActivePedal?
A: The ActivePedal utilizes simulator telemetry data to provide real-time force feedback. This means you can feel the engine vibrations and react to ABS activation, creating a truly immersive racing experience.

Q: What is the brake pressure range of the Simucube ActivePedal?
A: The ActivePedal allows you to customize brake pressure up to a maximum of 150kg, offering a realistic and highly customizable brake feel.

Q: What games are the Simucube ActivePedal compatible with?
A: The ActivePedal is compatible with all games that have pedal game controller support. It supports most popular games at launch, including ACC and iRacing. It’s also compatible with rigs expandable with the Simucube base plate (sold separately).

Q: Does the Simucube ActivePedal require a lot of maintenance?
A: No, the ActivePedal is maintenance-free. It is designed with durable, non-wearing parts, so you can focus solely on your racing.

Q: What is included in the Simucube ActivePedal package?
A: The package includes the ActivePedal, a power supply with a country-specific cable, SC Link, USB cable, Ethernet RJ45 cable, fixing screws, a Torx allen key, a Quick Start Guide, and stickers.

Q: How does the warranty for the Simucube ActivePedal work?
A: The ActivePedal comes with a five-year warranty. If you encounter any issues with the product during this period, please contact Simucube’s customer service for assistance.

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