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Sparco Rev is a light-weight seat designed for performance, safety and styling. Constructed with a special non-slip fabric in the shoulder and cushion, Rev features silver harness slots and signature Sparco embroidery.

  • FIA 8855-1999 Approved
  • Strong And Rigid Fibreglass Shell
  • Low Profile One Piece Leg Cushion


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Sparco Rev – low weight for a good price

Weight plays a crucial role in motorsport. Weight saving is used, wherever it is possible – seats are an important part of it. Sparco Rev belongs to the lightest fiberglass seats within its price category. It is popular among the real riders around the world, but it will excel in your racing simulator as well. If you fall in love with your simulator seat, you can buy the same seat for your real race car! - Sparco Rev installed into a race car

The shell made from fiberglass is additionally reinforced with ribs, which further improve its traditionally high stiffness of the seat. Fiberglass is characterized by high durability even in extremely difficult conditions. That means that the Sparco Rev seat can last for a very long time and protect the race car driver from impact. The resulting weight of the entire seat is only 10 kilograms, thanks to the sophisticated fiberglass shell, which is one of the best values you can encounter with racing seats made from fiberglass within its price category. - Sparco Rev front view

The drivers’s comfort, in addition to the well-shaped shell and side seat guide, is enhanced by pillow reinforcements modified to improve safety. The low-profile cushion pushes the legs deeper into the seat. In the case of an impact, they are protected to a greater extent by the lateral guidance of the seat. Despite the lower profile of soft reinforcement, its original ability to absorb shocks and vibrations has been - Sparco Rev iso view

The seat fabric itself is non-slip, especially in the shoulder area, where the body slides the most in corners. The Sparco Rev seat firmly grabs the race car driver upon getting in, and will not let him go, even in the sharpest corner. A practical addition, the reinforced fabric of the seat edges, is most stressed when getting into and out of the seat. - Sparco Rev side view

From the aesthetic point of view, the silver holes for the safety belts will delight. The Sparco Rev seat is compatible with 4, 5, but also 6-point belts. As well, it is compatible with FHR / HANS systems in terms of safety. It is a suitable seat for any category of rally or circuit racing car, and a great addition to your professional simulator.



Available in two sizes:
Standard size – Sparco Rev
Large size – Sparco Rev II
Check chart for dimensions.


Rev 9kg 
Rev II 10kg - Sparco seat size guide

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Rev I, Rev II



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