Rexing Mayaris Formula steering wheel - iso view - mounted on rig - G-Performance

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The Mayaris Formula wheel is a high-end steering wheel with unique features, compatible with all servo motors on the market, and is offered by Rexing in two different versions. The basic version with four paddles and one with six paddles characterised by two additional accessory paddles located in the upper region of the rear body.


The Mayaris is a formula wheel featuring full carbon construction and an open shape in the lower region. It has a hand-to-hand diameter of 290 mm and a total weight of 1100 grams. The industry record weight is achieved through the adoption of a exclusive carbon construction. The 3mm front plate features a matte finish and precise edge finishing, and incorporates polyurethane rubber grips. The generously sized hand grips measure 42×26 mm and are very comfortable. They offer exceptional grip in all situations, both with and without gloves.

Rexing Mayaris Formula steering wheel - G-Performance

The unique rear shell is made entirely of carbon processed with epoxy resin, giving it a very shiny and elegant finish. The back shell has very complex geometries and is a real little gem. The assembly is practically perfect and the steering wheel is very stiff, without bending or torsion. In the central region of the body is the hub made of black anodised aluminium with a characteristic three-pointed shape that can accommodate 50.8 and 70mm quick-releases. In the lower region a four-pin plug made of metal accommodates the plug for the USB cable.

Rexing Mayaris Formula steering wheel - rear view 2 - G-Performance

In the front region, perfectly aligned with the carbon plate, is a 4.3-inch USBD480 display with a resolution of 480×272 pixels and a maximum refresh rate of 60hz. Above it are 17 rectangular RGB LEDs that can be fully customised, as can the display, using the SimHub software. The backlighting of the LEDs is also adjustable via the specific central rotary. The display and LEDs are protected by high-quality tempered glass that enhances the design and prevents accidental scratches.

Rexing Mayaris Formula steering wheel - iso view - mounted on rig - G-Performance


The Rexing Mayaris features 10 momentary action buttons with LED backlighting adjustable in light intensity but not in colour. The buttons use best-in-class Apem switches with 1mm travel, 3.5N activation force and excellent tactile feedback. The backlight can be controlled via the game’s telemetry to emit customised and synchronised flashes. A function that can be managed in the dedicated section on SimHub. 

Rexing Mayaris Formula steering wheel - front view - detail buttons - G-Performance

On the bottom right is a funky switch with Alps Alpine electronics and a black aluminium knob with a matte finish. The funky switch is reached quite easily with the left thumb and the tactile feedback is quite good. On the opposite side we find an analogue joystick, very similar to those present on the joypads of gaming consoles, which can be used to rotate the view in the game.

Rexing Mayaris Formula steering wheel - iso view - mounted on rig - multiswitch - G-Performance

Six thumb rotary encoders with satin-finished aluminium knobs complete the input compartment. Four rotary encoders are partially recessed inside the front plate while the other two are placed inside the grip hole. The rotary encoders are very easy to locate and operate, while the resistance to rotation is not too high.


The accessory paddles, located in the upper region of the rear carbon shell, are made of anodised aluminiumand matt carbon. These paddles are characterised by a push-pull function with a double input, one in the pull stage and the other in the push stage. They integrate two micro switches and two compression springs that maintain the paddle in a central position during the resting phase. They are easily reached with the index finger of both hands and are very useful for mapping specific functions such as brake balance or DRS.

Rexing Mayaris Formula steering wheel - detail rear - G-Performance

The magnetic shifters use the same excellent construction already seen for the accessory paddles. They work via a high-quality micro switch while tactile feedback is provided by a dual 12mm neodymium magnet. These shifters feature a 6mm shaft that gives excellent tactile feedback and a deeper sound. The carbon paddle is well milled and has a very congenial shape so that it can be activated easily.

Rexing Mayaris Formula steering wheel - detail rear 3 - G-Performance

The body of the clutches, also made of aluminium, is slightly rotated downwards to increase the distance between the gear and clutch paddle. That makes their use more natural, comfortable and intuitive. The analogue signal is handled via a magnetic hall sensor while feedback is guaranteed by a compression spring with excellent pressure resistance. The bite point adjustment mechanism is provided by the right front rotary, which integrates a rotary potentiometer that is able to adjust the second clutch signal in real time.


The Rexing Mayaris is a steering wheel with an outstanding design that replicates the shape of the steering wheels of the real Formula cars. Rexing has done a great job in all areas by building a full carbon steering wheel that is both complete and attractive.

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