SimRacingBay SimuCUBE based OSW kit Biss-C system manual

Important notice

Leave emergency button pressed until you will power ON SimuCUBE for the first time. Button must be unreleased only AFTER Simucube is already powered ON. That is important for the first time only.


1. Put all components mechanically together

(motor, motor mount, servo shaft adapter). Procedure of mounting servo shaft to wheel adapter:

(please note at 0:08 of the video – you must remove original 4 bolts and use the one which are provided – with smaller head. Otherwise black adapter will not fit on adapter)


2. Connect all cables

(both servo motor cables and emergency box cable must be all connected in OSW case):
shop.gperformance.eu - SimRacingBay Direct Drive Wheel OSW back connectors

Be carefull to not plug green connector from servo cable- upside down to SimuCUBE!

After all is properly connected and button on emergency box is unreleased – CW (normal position), you can power up your SimuCUBE system with switch on back. After start, the motor will start a movement from left to right (motor phasing) which means the servo unit is working.


3. (Fully shielded cables dont require this step)

If you ordered build on standard MiGE cables, additional grounding wire with terminated ring connectors is added to package – to prevent EMI/grounding loop related interference. To use it properly, you need to connect it between servo motor and Simucube case. On motor end, it can be done like this:


shop.gperformance.eu - SimRacingBay SimuCUBE Direct Drive Wheel OSW grounding wire

On Simucube case, best is to use one of the bolts bellow the bottom of the case – which are holding PSU inside. Ring terminal should directly fit. Be carefull not to overtighten bolt thread. Use same force as it was needed to untighten bolt on start.


4. Basically, all is already set up

by us, your unit was already tested before it was given to delivery. You only need to download new SimuCUBE configurator tool and set it up once. When done, you can use it to perform tuning of servo functions, power or perform SimuCUBE update.


5. Please proceed with this Quick Starting guide:

The latest SimuCUBE Direct Drive system with new Simucube software is very easy to setup and use. Once the motor is mounted and all the cables are plugged in, you need to perform 1st time set up with SimuCUBE configurator.

a) Download 0,11.b version of FW release (latest stable) and extract it to your preferered location on your PC.

b) Power ON SimuCUBE, unrelease emergency button (wheel will start phasing for a few seconds)

c) Open SimuCUBE configuration tool and if asked for FW update, just confirm and wait to complete. If not asked, build is already on proper same FW version as you downloaded.

d) restart SimuCUBE case with switch at the back and open simucube configurator again – motor configuration wizard will pop up (you can click »configure motor, encoder and center point« to activate wizard at any time)

e) Complete wizard with choosing »existing Ioni configuration« and automatic index mode.

f) Close SimuCUBE configurator and restart SimuCUBE case. Thats it, your are now ready to calibrate wheel in your games.

SimuCUBE configurator already provides numerous options to adjust your SimuCUBE Direct Drive system to your preference.

Here are example settings we used in Iracing:

shop.gperformance.eu - SimRacingBay SimuCUBE Direct Drive Wheel configuration tool


To load drc settings file by your choice: the easyest method is, to put drc file in Simucube files folder (near simucube configurator.exe) and perform motor calibration wizard again (click configure motor, encoder and center point – to start wizard). You will see that settings file in dropddown menu which you need to choose, and perform motor wizard to the end.

If you want to use Granity SW at any time, you need to click »Enable Ioni USB Configuration« inside SimuCUBE configurator

Open Source Firmware is developing rapidly, more servo and game functions will be added in future updates. Please check official forums for latest news/updates : https://community.granitedevices.com/

When new FW update is available, you can simply use: »update Firmware« inside Simucube configurator and redownload FW files for newer version of SimuCUBE configurator if necesary:


Complete SimuCUBE Firmware User Guide: https://granitedevices.com/wiki/SimuCUBE_Firmware_User_Guide


6. Important notice

builds are shipped with safe servo power settings by default. Once you have done needed calibration and perform 1st driving test, you can set your Simucube DD system to full power potential at any time.

Please check starting guide for simple procedure how to upload settings file.


Drc files (motor profiles)

Small MiGE Biss-C settings – 22 bit: 4.2 mil cpr resolution

Large MiGE Biss-C settings – 22 bit: 4.2 mil cpr resolution


Drc settings file for Sincos encoders

Small MiGE SinCos settings: 2.1 mil cpr resolution

Large MiGE SinCos settings: 2.1 mil cpr resolution

Small MiGE SinCos settings (with 320W PSU): 2.1 mil cpr resolution

Drc settings file for 10000ppr encoders – Small MiGE


You can buy the OSW wheel here: