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SIMUCUBE Direct Drive wheel bases – are they worth it? 2

A couple of questions often come up when I talk about the Simucube direct drive systems. Do they make you faster? Are they worth it?

Well, the answer to both questions is yes, but probably not in the way you might think.

As part of RSR Esport where we are competing more and more at the top levels of endurance in iRacing. Being fast is key, but almost a given. To move up to the front over many full fuel stints of racing, being consistent and staying away from mistakes – yours and others – is as important as your raw pace – and this is where these wheelbases shine, especially over belt-driven alternatives.

All the numbers you can read on the spec sheets are interesting, but at the end of the day what they mean is that you can much better feel what’s going on with your car balance and the grip you have. This means you can sense when you are about to lose the car and catch your mistakes before it’s too late. This has a massive impact at the end of your race, off-tracks and repairs make you lose seconds and minutes, if not the whole race.

The fact that you can catch the car makes you a lot more comfortable to go closer into the limit – that’s where you gain the tenths.

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The last important aspect which is not often discussed is that while you race in a simulator, you are less challenged physically than in a real car, and that often leads to loss of concentration. Having a much stronger wheel increases immersion and keeps you more engaged mentally as you wrestle the car through the corners. Loss of concentration shows up as missed brake point or a sloppy line – things you want to avoid to bring home better results.

The Simucube bases will make you more comfortable to push, help you catch your mistakes or evade other drivers’, and will help keep your head in the game – all contributing to better times and results over a full race distance.

So, is it worth it? You tell me!


  1. Hi guys will it do playstation 4 thanx
    Regards Kenny

    1. Hi Kenny, they are not compatible with PS4. They are PC only.

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