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Cube Controls Formula Pro has backlit buttons and resin knobs. A genuine Formula racing wheel for Sim Racers built with top-notch materials. Featuring perfectly executed CNC machined aluminum knobs. The back cover mounts a set of Fully adjustable carbon and aluminum magnetic paddle shifters and clutches. Fits standard 3 holes 50,8mm PCD adapters.

Compatible with Thrustmaster, Logitech, AccuForce, Fanatec and SimuCube 1/2

NEW: Aluminium hub contains 50 and as well 70mm PCD.

For backorder items, there is a waiting time of approx. 5-10 working days.


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Cube Controls Formula Pro Sim Racing Wheel – validated and used by Lando Norris

How do you decide to buy a product? Most of us use other users’ reviews. Who can be more qualified to make a racing wheel review than a Formula 1 driver? - Cube Controls Formula Lite Sim Racing Wheel iso Lando Norris

It is really true, the Formula Pro Sim Racing Wheel is used by Lando Norris himself in his private simulator. Do you ask why he chose the Cube Controls steering wheel over the competition? - Cube Controls Formula Lite Sim Racing Wheel iso Lando Norris McLaren F1

Driving the real thing

First and foremost, it is the design and engineering of the Formula Pro Sim Racing Wheel, which makes it a very realistic imitation of a real Formula 1 steering wheel. The materials it is made from are top notch. The front part of the steering wheel is made of 100% carbon fiber composite, the rest is made of a carefully selected combination of carbon fiber composite and high quality CNC machined aluminum. The combination of all materials and controls gives you the feeling, you are holding a steering wheel just removed from a real Formula 1 racing car. Weight of the steering wheel is reduced to only 980 grams. The first reason Lando Norris loves the wheel that much, is obvious. - Cube Controls Formula Pro iso view front view

Exceptional ergonomics

When we are dealing with the controls, we cannot forget to mention their layout, which is also very close to the real Formula 1 steering wheel layout. Durable resin pushbuttons, switches, and rotary knobs with precisely defined operation clearly show the level of workmanship, that the Formula Lite Sim Racing Wheel can boast with. At first glance perhaps small, but for the professional immediately noticeable feature are – the shift lever and clutch. They don’t use a traditional mechanical pushbutton, but much more accurate magnetic sensors, and measure the degree of compression. - Cube Controls Formula Pro iso view rear view

The best driver training tool

Racing simulators are perfect Formula 1 drivers training tools. They spend more time driving them than a real Formula 1 race car. Driving on simulators, the F1 drivers can learn the track, ideal line, braking points, overtaking maneuvers and car response. The task of engineers is to create realistic tracks, set up track conditions and to recreate the car physics as much as possible. What is a good simulation without proper hardware, which allows the Formula 1 driver to feel the simulation how it is designed to be felt – as near to the real thing as possible. And one of the most important parts of professional simulation hardware is the steering wheel. No wonder Lando Norris opted for the Formula Pro Sim Racing Wheel, which price/quality ratio hasn’t been matched.

The Formula Pro Sim Racing Wheel is compatible with Thrustmaster, Logitech, AccuForce, Fanatec and SimuCube 1/2

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Cube Controls

Aluminium Hub and Paddels

Black 50/70mm (€0.00), Red 50/70mm (€27.00), Blue 50/70mm (€37.00)

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