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F1 drivers Max Verstappen and Lando Norris are known not only to practice in racing simulators, but also to compete in the prestigious iRacing online races. How does driving in a racing simulator help Max Verstappen?

While racing in a simulator would be perceived by many ordinary people as a way of fun and relaxation, to Formula 1 drivers racing simulators bring a lot of valuable experience, that can later be used in real race. “In a racing simulator, you do basically the same thing as in a real F1 open-wheel car,” says Max Verstappen, a successful driver for Red Bull Racing F1 team. “You are always trying to get the most out of it, trying to drive the fastest lap, trying to set the car to go as fast as possible. It’s the same as racing in a real formula 1 car, just without G-forces.”

We can only agree with Max. Sophisticated simulator software, that is developed by experienced engineers, in combination with professional direct drive steering system, steering wheel, pedals, seat and other accessories can deliver a full-value driving experience.

From computer to reality –Max Verstappen pretekársky simulátor iso view
Max Verstappen at F1 esports competition

At the end of each Formula 1 race, drivers and engineers get a huge amount of various data, based on which they can adjust the car for the next race, to make it even better. A similar system works for racing simulators. At the end of the race, the driver gets an overview of all the data and can adjust the car according to them. The difference is that in real life the engine is modified by engineers and it takes a long time to adjust, but while driving in a simulator, the car is adjusted by the driver themselves, with just a few clicks.

The racer can thus make adjustments to the chassis height, front and rear wings or tire pressures, and immediately see how the adjustment affects the ride and laptime. In the racing simulator, the driver can adjust the car approximately to the same extent as the actual open-wheel car.

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