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The young F1 racer, Lando Norris, just recently started his McLaren career and already convinces us about his exceptional driving skills. He improves them in his top racing simulator…

Professional racing simulator worth £ 30,000 right in the living room. Does it seem like a dream to you? This is reality for Lando Norris. After the novice F1 racer convinced himself of the essential benefits of training in a racing simulator for his driving in a real F1 open-wheel car, Lando parked his own racing simulator directly into the living room. He spends a lot of time there, improving his technique and learning to tune the open-wheel car to be as fast as possible. What the super-expensive Land Norris’ simulator looks like and what it feels like to train there was revealed by the Autosport editors who visited Lando.

Video from Lando’s simulator –

State-of-the-art technologies –Lando Norris pretekársky simulátor iso view

As you might expect, Lando used the best he could get when setting up his racing simulator. He equipped it with state-of-the-art software, but especially hardware. He uses the Cube Controls Formula Pro wheel, which you can find in our e-shop, high-quality racing pedals, the hydraulic brake pedal requiring as much foot pressure as a real Formula 1 open-wheel car’s brake pedal. Steering, which provides realistic feedback is also of high quality as are other add-ons that make Lando’s simulator the best training tool. We tip our hats, everybody would like to have such a racing simulator at home…

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